What we do

We maximise business performance through people.  We engage with all levels of your organisation from leadership to the frontline and are specialists in driving returns in the sales and service arenas.

For over 14 years we have enjoyed partnering with clients from a range of sectors, including top ASX listed businesses, SME’s and Government departments.


What we believe

We believe business performance improves when you pay attention to the three H's...



What is in your people's backpack of stuff that is stopping your organisation from making the changes you want to see? How truly aware are you of the impact the mindset has and what work needs to be done to tackle this area. Before traditional skills improvement aspects are applied, slow down and take this step seriously or be prepared for a low sustainable result.



Helping your people get better, improving their skills and capability through a combination of blended approaches. If 90% of learning doesn’t happen in a formal classroom anymore, how can we revolutionise the way in which we improve how people get better at stuff?


(people processes)

Businesses make considerable investments on learning and change programs, yet unless the operational processes in place to support them are examined, they may not be sustained. What unconscious barriers do you have in place that prevent your people and organisations from achieving their potential? At Locher, we examine these processes to ensure business and employee performance is driven forward. This is the missing ingredient and is often overlooked.

Our clients